#Hot Rod Power Tour 2017 Madison to Indy

The morning was much cooler than any other day of our road trip. Skies were overcast til 4 so the pictures were extra sharp.

Traveling the route 40 that old truckers used offered great sights. Look at the pictures and think about the engineering required to create these yard displays. We stopped and spoke with the grandad and grandson in Browntown, IL. The grandson said he was recycling some junk. He included waterfalls in each display.

We drove through Vandalia, IL and passed the old State House. I was too slow to get a complete picture. It was a huge,  beautiful white house sitting on a manicured lawn. I  did catch one fellow sitting on the corner watching the hot rods drive past.

With the time change to Eastern time,  we made it to Lucas Oil Raceway by 2 pm and met John Force and his daughter, Courtney. They were so interesting. We listened as they answered questions and told stories of growing up and racing. The fastest speed recently achieved is 338 mph.

John grew up very poor. He said he ate a lot of  bologna sandwiches. His first sport of choice was football but he wasn’t remarkable so he tried something else. He raced in Australia, he said he was the fastest American who ever raced there.

As a young child Courtney was always at the race track with her family. Her first memory was at age 7 when her father took her to the race track for the day. He was making it a special day for her because he missed another important day. Courtney was not allowed to drive or ride in any of her father’s cars while growing up. She first attended driving school when she got her CA drivers license at age 16. She credits her dad for teaching her everything about racing.

They graciously signed autographs for everyone in line. They are heading to the weekend race in Bristol,TN.

We watched drag racing because the weather was perfect. Trucks as well as Mustangs and Camaros raced the 1/4 mile. We saw a couple Corvettes run in the high 9’s. That’s moving down the track.  We have one stop left. I worried about the people racing their cars. If something blew up they would have to figure out a way to get home. I’m sure the racers weren’t thinking that far ahead. They just wanted to beat their opponent.

Tomorrow we meet in Bowling Green KY for the last leg of our journey. We will officially become LongHaulers! 7 cities in 7 days. Both You Tube and FaceBook have lots of cruise videos by amateurs. Type in “Hot Rod Power Tour 2017” to check them out.


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