#Hot Rod Power Tour 2017 Champaign to Madison, IL Gateway Motorsports 

It was another beautiful day to cruise America’s heartland. 

The State Farm Center was a great venue dotted with trees for cooling off. The first task was to check in to get our card time stamped. Next we checked out the cars new today. 

Time for a break at the hotel and check out the others making long haul.

The next morning we headed to Madison IL, just across the river from St. Louis. We drove through small towns where people patiently waited for the cruisers to pass through. Gas stops were crazy, stations filled with classic cars. A few cars made stops along the roadside to check out a minor problem with their cars. We did because the car running with us had a low tire sensor illuminated. He had a portable gizmo to check pressure and inflate the low tire.

Arrived in Gateway at noon.

Here is the VIP lounge, where we took shelter from the rain.

But the rain blew over and racing started again.

I love this shot of the Arch with the sun making the buildings glisten.

Here is a view from the VIP lounge.

And another day bit the dust. Heading to Indy.


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