Visit to Roatan Honduras

In late April I took a Carribean cruise  with some family members. It was my first ocean cruise. We stopped at three ports, the first was Roatan, Honduras.

The island is beautiful. Small communities are scattered along the coast line. Individual, colorful homes built around the curvy, hilly roads.image

The food was delicious but I didn’t eat their delicacy, green iguana. While riding a tour bus along the winding roads I spotted a green iguana. The tour guide got excited when I told her I saw one, she loves to eat the green ones.

My family owns a hardware and lumber business so when I spotted a Sherwin Williams paint store along the highway I quickly snapped a picture. While driving through the countryside, I noticed the use of tin for most house roofs. image

I saw industrious people working to make a life. Some raised livestock or sold crafts.


We were directed in traffic by a beautiful policewoman.


We toured a training school that taught how to carve cameos from shells. The cameos were unique. I was too indecisive, ran out of time and didn’t purchase one.

The city was clean and surrounded by lush green plants. Back on the ship our evening meal paid homage to Honduran food.



2 thoughts on “Visit to Roatan Honduras

  1. Debbie Lynn September 16, 2016 / 12:12 pm

    Beautiful pictures that gives the reader a real sense of the community. You could write travel brochures. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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