Traveling in the 1950’s


This set up reminded me of the movie made during the I Love Lucy television show.  In the 1954 movie Lucy  and Desi attempt to travel to the Sierra Nevada mountains in a 32 foot long trailer. I’ve included a link below to a clip from the movie. It is a great one to watch on a bad weather day.

This car is a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 2-door wagon. I snapped the picture during the Tri-5 Chevy Car Show in Bowling Green KY. The car show displays classic cars made during a range of three years, 1955, 1856, & 1957. The popularity of the low priced Bel Air helped Chevrolet surpass Ford in unit sales in their first year of production.

Increasing popularity of the Tri-5’s today can be seen at this 2 day car show. It will be the second weekend of August at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green KY. While there you can visit the Corvette Museum and tour the Corvette Assembly Plant. I visited both sites in April. Touring the factory reminded me of my 5 years working in a factory, good memories mixed with an occasional  feeling of drudgery. This factory uses robots to transport boxes of parts around the factory floor. We had a conveyor belt. Anyway today’s children need to have a glimpse of what factory work is like. And you can see the latest Chevrolet Corvette as it rolls off the line.


Yellow Springs

What a quaint town in Ohio! Lots of little shops sit along both sides of US 68, attracting young urban professionals. Even the trash cans are pleasantly decorated.

We went there for an estate sale. This kind of estate sale was a new experience for me. The agent listed the items online then had an open house today. Items were priced and on display in their natural surroundings so interested patrons could make purchases.  But tomorrow the items that didn’t sell will be discounted 30%. Then on Sunday and remaining items will be discounted further to 50% off. It becomes a game to find how much you are willing to pay to get the item. 

We didn’t stay too long because we didn’t fall in love with prices on the beautiful oriental pieces. We headed to the downtown area. There I found a great cup of coffee and a Tiffany style desk lamp decorated with dragonflies. It reminded me of our recent paintings that you can view in the picture from my  last post. I haven’t bought the lamp, but the weekend isn’t over.


Painting Class

For weeks now, 3 or 4 ladies gather for an afternoon of acrylic painting. We focus on completing one painting each time by watching a you tube video from The Art Sherpa. We get so engrossed in our painting the times flies. I feel that painting with acrylics is relaxing, not too much stress. If you don’t like it, you can paint over it when the painting dries. At first I usually think I’ll paint over my painting. Then I start to like part of the painting, maybe  the colors or the shading. I hang it for a while and it seems ok. I’ve even given away a couple of my paintings. Each time we’re done, I’m already thinking about what we will paint next week. Here is a couple of our attempts: