The Florida Gulf Coast

Thinking of warmer trips. This post was written a while back. I ran across it as the spring season is approaching. The beach never gets old.

I waited all summer for a trip to the beach. Don’t misunderstand me, I thoroughly enjoyed this summer. I really wanted to hear the ocean waves, feel the sand, smell the air and relax on the beach. Early in March, I was invited to go on a beach trip with a group of 7 other ladies. We finally headed out the last Sunday morning in August. It took all day and we arrived just before dark.

The first morning and every morning I was there, I awoke early, made coffee and headed to the beach. One day my sister-in-law and I walked more than 30,000 steps. We visited several different beaches, each more  beautiful than the previous. I think I could never tire of living on the beach.

Another reason to live near the beach is the fresh seafood. I took advantage of every opportunity to eat fresh gulf oysters, flounder and shrimp. I am hoping to soon return.

Cape San Blas
St. George Beach
Mexico Beach

One thought on “The Florida Gulf Coast

  1. Debbie Lynn February 14, 2017 / 11:03 pm

    Beautiful pictures. We both share the same ideas about the perfect beach vacation. I hope you have many in the future! 🙂


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