Coffee in the Bank

imageOn a recent trip to Doniphan MO I saw an interesting shop “Coffee and more at the Bank”.
I arrived a few minutes early so I circled the courthouse and headed back. Once inside I was taken back in time. Many of the site’s original furnishings, in great condition, were being repurposed. I kept looking at everything instead of ordering. I’m sure the host wondered about me. He was whispering (I didn’t even ask) and I couldn’t stop gushing about the surroundings. Finally I got to the coffee, they had lattes and cappuccinos. I roamed, taking a few pics while waiting for the latte. I had to leave to be on time for a meeting in the courthouse. That is another story that takes you back in time. This quaint town is filled with historic buildings, many of which are being utilized today. 
After the meeting I mentioned the coffee shop to the locals. Seems the old bank building has had lots of lives. It was a bank in the early 1900’s, a lumber company’s office and now a quaint restaurant.  The Current River flows on the edge of Doniphan making it a busy place during the summer. I recommend a visit to the Forest Service Float Camp just north on Highway Y.

You can see the cool door & part of the marble
Tables inside the cage

One thought on “Coffee in the Bank

  1. gill94 March 10, 2015 / 12:15 am

    I”m ready for coffee now! 🙂


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